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I'd built a bit of a reputation...

... as that crazy bitch with a sword.

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Birthdate:Nov 17
"I'd built a bit of a reputation in the neighborhood as that crazy bitch with a sword."
~ Magic Strikes, Ilona Andrews

the girl

Name: Kate Daniels
Age: 17 (born: 2015)
Year: Junior
Living Arrangements: Room 210 with [info]bat_spawn[info]serial_quitter
Cabin: Summer 2011 (i)Savage Garden, A2. (ii) Passive Aggressive Panda, A2.
Contact:voicemail | ooc | withasword [at] gmail [dot] com
the people

Caroline | Damian | Sam | Ryan | Toby | Bruce
the classes

Destiny and Free Will : Atreides (Monday, P2)
Try Not To Die!! : Skywalker (Tuesday, P3)
Surf's Up! : Pitt (Wednesday, P3)

How to Avoid Misadventure: Morrigan/Alister (Monday, P4)
Anything's A Weapon: Reno/Cindy (Wednesday, P3)
True Heroism: Hercules (Friday, P3)
the rest

Action Girl | Necromancer | Dark Magical Girl | Impossibly Cool Weapon | Bad Ass | Training From Hell | Blood Magic | Harmful To Minors | Tough Love | After the End | Dark and Troubled Past

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Interests (22):

andrea, anna, atlanta, being a brat, blood magic, boones farm lemonade, fighting, greg, issues with authority, killing undead, my parents are deaaaaad, rebellion, roland, savannah, shapeshifters, slayer, snark, swords, the order, throwing knives, tomboyish ways, voron
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